Planetary Mixer

Based on convection-current mixing principle

The convection-current planetary mixing principle shall be used. As stirring planets installed in different directions rotate around planetary axes, they also revolve at the same time;

In terms of direction and speed, rotation is different from revolution; circular and mixed stirring on the material is formed;

The rotating speed of mixing tools and mixing pan could both run at various speeds for specific mixing process, in the same process or different batches.

The two planetary mixers cover all the area of mixing and their directions of rotation are also different, one rotates clockwise and the other counterclockwise. Therefore, highly efficient convective-mixing motion is realized, so that the material can achieve mixed stirring with high evenness in a short time

Stirring scraper installed on the side wall and at the bottom constantly scrape the material attached to the inner wall and the bottom, so that all the material is fully involved in mixing, which is flawless.

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